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Words from the East – January 2012

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I sincerely hope that all is well with you and yours. I would like to start off the year on a positive note with something I read at www.masonicnetwork.org which I think is the life blood of Masonry:
“We must constantly remember that in every moment of our life, in public, at […]

Words from the East – Decmeber 2011

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I am writing this, my last master’s message, with feelings of joy and sadness. As one thing comes to an end others are just beginning. The next several weeks will be very eventful. We will be holding an open house on black Friday to help the public better understand what Free Masonry is all about. We will be holding a Ladies night to show our gratitude to our ladies for the sacrifices they have made over the past year. We will be electing and installing the new officer line during an open installation. We will be having a Christmas Party in cooperation with Collingswood Cloud Lodge #101. And finally, I will be transferring the gavel to Brother Lane should the lodge see fit to elect him.

Words from the East – November 2011

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“The strength of the Fraternity is each individual member…the strength of each member is the Fraternity”. These are words that I believe in strongly. In the month of October, we initiated seven new brothers, each of whom will strengthen the lodge and the fraternity and in turn will be strengthened by the lodge and […]

Words from the East – October 2011

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To all of you who attended our September regular and emergent communications, I thank you very much as you were instrumental in a very successful transition to our new home. To those of you who have not yet visited our home at Collingswood Cloud Temple, consider this a formal invitation to attend our […]

Words from the East – September 2011

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Hope everyone is enjoying a great summer and that you are well rested and renewed. Though we have not had a regular communication during July and August, your officers have been busy. We have move all of our belongings from the USS New Jersey Temple to the Collingswood Cloud Temple and are ready to […]

Words from the East – June 2011

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Your officers and lodge members have been through an interesting couple of months. As things have started to come together, I am reminded of a quote by Nietzsche, which states, “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. We have not only sur-vived but I believe that we have become stronger as a lodge. We […]

Words from the East – May 2011

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The month of April has been a month of opportunity and growth for the lodge. We passed two brothers from the Entered Apprentice degree to the Fellowcraft Degree. We will be raising them to Master Masons during the month of May. We received new petitions and are preparing to begin another class. We are […]