Proposed budget for the 2020 Masonic year for Mozart Lodge #121

Click here for the proposed budget for the 2020 Masonic year for Mozart Lodge #121 for your consideration.  We don’t take lightly the decision when we have to raise dues.  Here’s our explanation…
This budget requires us to increase our dues to $150.  Although it seems like your dues go up every year, this is the first year in many that Mozart Lodge has increased the money it receives for its budget.  Over the last few years, Grand Lodge has increased their assessments per member and the extra increase goes directly to Grand Lodge, not us.  This year’s assessment went up $6 per member.  With our expenses increasing over the years, this increase in your dues are necessary to compensate for the budget.  If you have any questions, please email me directly or our Senior Warden, Bro. Mattes.  This proposed budget and dues increase will be voted on at our October communication.  Thank You.
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