Memorial for Brother Illuminati Wolf Gang Amadeus Mozart

Erinnerunngs fur Bruder Illuminati Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Somewhere in the fields surrounding Vienna in a shameful and degrading pauper’s grave lie the physical remains of Brother Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. His Spiritual remains almost certainly lie elsewhere.

He was sent among us to uplift and heal our torn and ragged souls, if we would but so receive it.

His music will lead us down the corridors of time, and carry us into those magnificent fields and meadows of eternity; and when the last trumpet sounds, and computed time shall run no more; when the heavens and all space and time have run their course, and are rolled into Nothingness and the Great Emptiness, then, behold, we shall still hear Mozart’s magical Notes transporting us into those secret pathways and byways of Immortality, beyond All Space and all time, Indeed, beyond life and death itself, for his music transcends All life and all death.

This is all we need to know, for that transcendence knows no description, no beginning, no end.

It both is and is not , Infinite and Unbounded, recorded for all time and Beyond time. Brother Mozart shall remain, then, forever a Giant: a Colossus who walked among dwarfs and pygmies: men with small souls whose ears were made of wood and tin; whose brains were spam and silly-putty.

Their tiny souls killed or murdered him, then dumped him into a despicable, unmarked graves: a testament to their disfigured ugliness and depravity.

Yet his name remains forever, Above all corruption: his transcendental Notes embedded forever in the Cosmos and beyond, while the small-souled dwarfs, bourgeois criminals, and gangster aristocrats remain mute, and unheralded.

Edward Latter 32nd

Valley of Southern New Jersey