We are on the precipice of a historic time. None of us would ever have imagined we would be facing such a maleficent threat. But here we are none the less. If you are not already doing so I urge you to stay indoors. Refrain from unnecessary trips into the public. Keep yourself and those that you love and cheerish safe. However if you are in need of assistance please feel free to reach out to myself or the secretary. We will work to assist you within in any way we can as the law may allow. 
Michael Mattes
WM Mozart Lodge #121
Vice President of the 18th District Masters and Wardens Association

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6. Enter last name (case sensitive)
7. Press “Membership Status”
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Welcome to the official website of Mozart Lodge #121 of Free & Accepted Masons. Founded in 1871 & chartered in 1872, Mozart Lodge #121 has since served as a home for Free & Accepted Masons in the Camden County area. Freemasonry offers much to its members: the opportunity to grow; the chance to make a difference; to build a better world for ourselves and our children; to practice universal benevolence. It offers a chance to work with men who share the same values and ideals. Join the largest & oldest fraternity of like minded men, whose mission is to become better men, while better serving our families & community. Please explore our website & email us with any comments or questions.

Messages from the East.


Our Master Mason degree introduces us to our Operative Grand Master, Hiram Abiff. Although it gives us no real back-story on who our operative Grand Master was, we do get a minor history of him during the Master Mason Lecture explaining that he was the son of a woman of the daughters of Dan. Dan is one of the 12 tribes of Israel. If you study the history of Hiram a little closer, here is some interesting facts that come to light. First we need to look at who introduced King Solomon to Hiram. This would be our second Operative Grand Master, Hiram King Tyre. Tyre and the Tyrian people were pa- gans who occupied what is today Lebanon. For years, King Abibaal and David held a very lucrative partnership, which included trade and commerce. Upon the passing of King Da- vid and Abibaal respectively, their sons, Solomon and Hiram, decided to keep this mutual- ly beneficial partnership. We also hear in our lecture when Solomon requests a skilled workman from Hiram King of Tyre, Hiram sends him a man who is the son of a daughter of Dan. So how would a Tyrian King know such a man exists outside of his borders? It is believed that Hiram Abiff’s father was a man of Tyre. He was a workman himself who passed on, mouth to ear, all the secrets of his tradecraft to his son. Upon his father’s death, Hiram continued to hone the skills his father bestowed on him. I believe this is how Hiram King of Tyre knew of Hiram Abiff’s fine workmanship and recommended him to Solomon so highly. Hiram was associated with a militaristic tribe that go by the name of Naphtali. This tribe was known for their military might and speed. They were one of the only tribes that believed in the power of resurrection. This backstory gives us an inter- esting picture of our operative Grand Master, his life, and how he embodies our fraterni- ty. He was a man taught to embrace all forms of religion both monotheistic and polythe- ism alike. Like ourselves, he has taken the time, patience, and assiduity to receiving in- structions and honing his skills. Much like we do in Lodge, all race, creed, and stations are leveled. We work to hold a deep belief in the power of everlasting life through the im- mortality of our memory.

Michael Mattes
Mozart Lodge #121
Worshipful Master 2020

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