We are on the precipice of a historic time. None of us would ever have imagined we would be facing such a maleficent threat. But here we are none the less. If you are not already doing so I urge you to stay indoors. Refrain from unnecessary trips into the public. Keep yourself and those that you love and cheerish safe. However if you are in need of assistance please feel free to reach out to myself or the secretary. We will work to assist you within in any way we can as the law may allow. 
Michael Mattes
WM Mozart Lodge #121
Vice President of the 18th District Masters and Wardens Association

Welcome to the official website of Mozart Lodge #121 of Free & Accepted Masons. Founded in 1871 & chartered in 1872, Mozart Lodge #121 has since served as a home for Free & Accepted Masons in the Camden County area. Freemasonry offers much to its members: the opportunity to grow; the chance to make a difference; to build a better world for ourselves and our children; to practice universal benevolence. It offers a chance to work with men who share the same values and ideals. Join the largest & oldest fraternity of like minded men, whose mission is to become better men, while better serving our families & community. Please explore our website & email us with any comments or questions.

Messages from the East.

The funeral ceremony is our final tribute to our departed brother’s memory. While it is the greatest honor that we can bestow on a departed brother, it should also be a time when we the remnant can take a moment to reflect on our own journey and If we are employing the tools of our profession for the noblest of intentions. There is one line that resonates powerfully with me. “May the trestle board of our whole lives bear such inspection that it may be given unto each of us, through his grace and mercy, to eat of the hidden Manna, and to receive the white stone with a new name written.”

The Grand Architect of the Universe has blessed us with the power of thought, reason, and most of all free will. All of our deeds and actions should be carefully chosen for those are the designs we are imprinting on that trestle board of our lives. We should always be faithful to walk, talk and act with the upmost of dignity, to not only please the great creator but to respect humanity. That in our passing our spiritual life will be one that will inspire others to imi- tate our designs and Improve on the spiritual foundation that we have started. We need to eat that “hidden Manna.” Find the strength given by God to over- come the temptations that will cross our path daily. For in the end, when we are judged and all fallacies are detected and all ranks are leveled, our innocence and purity will shine. Strive for the best my brothers “so that we may live respected and die regretted.”

Michael Mattes
Mozart Lodge #121
Worshipful Master 2020

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