I sincerely hope that all is well with you and yours. I would like to start off the year on a positive note with something I read at www.masonicnetwork.org which I think is the life blood of Masonry:
“We must constantly remember that in every moment of our life, in public, at work, at pleasure, with our families, even when you are alone, We are a Mason!”  We live by a Standard of Masonic Conduct.  The non-Masons who know us will judge each of us, and Masonry itself, by the way in which we conduct ourselves. We have in trust the reputation of Masonry. Let us not betray that trust! Masonry will flourish, if we follow these precepts.
     Before we can expect to attract good men to the fraternity by our conduct and reputation in public, we must learn to conduct ourselves with propriety in the Lodge. One of our first duties shall be loyalty to the fraternity and obedience to its laws. This is a fundamental requirement. Propriety is not the result of law, but rather of tradition, custom and usage. Like good manners, it has behind it only the force of opinion.  While there (may be) no penalties for breaches, there are tangible rewards for observance of the rules and ceremonies of good manners. 
An ancient philosopher advised when in “Rome, do as the Romans do”. This also applies to your actions when you are visiting another Lodge, particularly in other states / countries.  While the principles and ideals of Masonry are universal; social customs, Masonic traditions, and laws differ from place to place. For example, all Masonic Lodges open with a prayer and it is not surprising that the words of the prayer may vary from place to place. When we go to other states in our country we find that the attitude of prayer is not the same everywhere and in other countries the name of Deity may even be different. Likewise we find that the customs concerning such things as the proper way to address a Brother or a lodge officer, the appropriate dress for a lodge meeting, proper topics of conversation, and even the working tools and the Grand Masonic Word change as we go around the world. But wherever you may be, you can be sure that respect and honesty toward Masons and Masonry, as taught by the square and compass, will be the fundamental guide for your conduct.”
I would like to thank you in advance for your continued support in the upcoming year. January will be starting off busy, conferring five Fellow Craft to Master Masons. Our other activities can be found in your trestle board and soon on our updated web-site.

Sincerely and fraternally,
David J. Lane Sr, WM