Hope everyone is enjoying a great summer and that you are well rested and renewed. Though we have not had a regular communication during July and August, your officers have been busy. We have move all of our belongings from the USS New Jersey Temple to the Collingswood Cloud Temple and are ready to conduct our September communication in our new accommodations. We have been rehearsing in advance stations and preparing ourselves for an EA degree in September. Many of us have enjoyed Masonic fellowship by joining Collingswood Cloud Lodge #101 at their picnic and Hermann-Humboldt Lodge # 125 at their annual Ox Roast. Your Master and Wardens participated in a MM degree at Rising Sun Lodge #15 which was very inspiring. Brother Lane and I traveled to Sea Isle City to present a brother with his 55-year pin, as he could not make the district ceremony. So as you can see,the summer was very eventful.

As September approached, it is my hope that we will see all of you back at lodge helping Mozart Lodge to continue to advance. It is our goal to be the equal of any lodge in the 18th district and in the State of New Jersey for that matter. We have many events in the planning stage, all of which need your support to be successful. We are still hopeful to have a fishing trip, a ladies night, an October Fest, and a charity fundraiser. We also hope to raise a large class of new Masons. We continue to need brothers to head committees, step into the officer’s line and support our various endeavors. If you do not have the time or inclination to put in the time needed for the above, we will be very glad to see you on the side lines and to hold Masonic conversation and share fellowship with you. So please make every effort to help us make our first meeting at Collingswood Cloud Temple a memorable event by being on the sidelines and breaking bread with us. It is my sincere hope that this will be one of the best years in the long and storied history of Mozart Lodge and that each successive year will be ever better.

Your most humble and obedient servant,

George W. Niessner
Worshipful Master