The month of April has been a month of opportunity and growth for the lodge. We passed two brothers from the Entered Apprentice degree to the Fellowcraft Degree. We will be raising them to Master Masons during the month of May. We received new petitions and are preparing to begin another class. We are exploring new locations for our lodge to meet and opportunities to strengthen our financial outlook. We have strengthened our degree work and continue to include our newly raised brothers in our ritual. As a result, the outlook for the lodge is very bright at
this time. This does not mean that we do not need the help of every member of this lodge. There are still many challenges ahead of us. Our lodge is a work in progress. The many years of decline for our lodge and all of masonry will not turn around over night. We are about to turn the corner and with the help of all the brethren, we will continue to progress. Our Grand Master has told us that this year to date we have raised more Master Masons than we have lost. This apparently has not happened for many years. We hope to be able to boast the same for our lodge every year for the foreseeable future.
We have many important decisions to make in the coming months. Decisions that will affect the lodge for years to come. The decisions will best be made with the advice and consent of the largest possible number of lodge members. Our regular meeting on May 3rd will include a discussion on our future home that could also affect our meet-ing nights. It is important that we make a decision that will encourage the largest pos-sible number of brethren to attend our meetings and degrees. This lodge belongs to all of us. I am only the caretaker for one year. These
Decisions are too important to be left to only a few people, so come out and join the discussion. If you cannot attend, then call or e-mail me, let me know what you think. With everyone’s help and input, we will make the best possible decision and assure the continued progress and growth of our lodge.
Your most humble and obedient servant,
George W. Niessner
Worshipful Master