As we begin to emerge from the winter, which this year was particularly rough, we see the signs of spring and the renewal of the earth and its bounty. Sometimes during the dreary winter it is difficult to get yourself motivated.

Motivation implies movement. It means the differences in getting up and doing something rather than just sitting there and doing nothing or letting someone else do it, which is apathy and indifference. Webster defines motivation as “ causing or having the power to cause motion: and impulse from within.

If we feel as we say we do regarding our Fraternity, let’s do something rather than just talk about it and appoint a committee to report back next year and the next…. there are numerous problems facing freemasonry at this time such as declining membership, buildings in need of repair, differences in visions for the future, etc., however, non of these are insurmountable. As it began to feel that the winter would never leave us, we now see a hint of spring. In Masonry, we also begin to see a hint of better days to come. Numbers are starting to increase, members are slowly returning to lodge and the quality of the ritual and meetings in general is on its way up. There is still, however, a long way to go to strengthen the lodge so that we can better serve our community and our fellow man.

Some time ago Chief Justice Warren Burger in addressing the American Bar Association quoted the great Masonic writer and Jurist, Dean Roscoe Pound of the Harvard Law School, as saying in 1906, ‘ ‘ the courts of the 20th Century cannot operate on the laws of the 19th Century.” I believe that this applies equally to Masonry. Our traditions and ritual are extremely important and are what separates us from other organizations; however, our methods of doing business need to be progressive and forward looking. We need an influx of new people and new ideas if we are going to continue to progress.

We will have initiated 3 brothers by the time you read this and raised 2 new master masons last month. It is very important that we keep these brother’ s involved in our lodge and masonry and that we provide them the mentoring they need. Come out and join us in our degree work this month and help to mentor our new members. Have a happy and healthy Easter season and remember you brethren.

Your most humble and obedient servant,

George W. Niessner