This is a month where we will hopefully be coming out of the doldrums of winter to see signs of spring and life’s renewal. Coincidentally this month we will also have a class of Candidates for the Entered
Apprentice Degree. I hope that all, especially those who have not been to lodge in a while, will heed a regular summons from their lodge to assist us in conferring this degree. Renew your participation
in lodge by accompanying these candidates through their journey of initiation, passing and raising. I believe that you will find that it will be a boon to the candidates and a worthwhile experience for you.

We will also be honored to receive Rite Worshipful District Deputy Grand Master Leonard M. March and Rite Worshipful District Ritual

Instructor John L. Reader, III during our regular communication on their official visit. I would be most gratifying to see many, many brothers on the sideline to welcome our guests and support their lodge.

Your most humble and obedient servant,

George W. Niessner
Worshipful Master