As we move forward in the upcoming months Mozart Lodge is happy to
welcome eight new brothers recently raised in the one day class. These
brothers already have started making an impact in the Lodge by
attending meetings as well as being part of various events.
These brethren along with our strong core of officers will insure the
Lodge’s success in the future. Also we will have one more addition to
the Lodge. The candidate has completed the Fellowcraft Degree and
shortly will receive the Master Mason Degree. He also will be a
welcome addition to our Fraternity. Mozart also recently accepted a
new dual member who has already stepped in to help with Degrees. He
will also be an asset to the Lodge and the Fraternity. Our degrees
were successful thanks to the hard work of our officers. Many thanks
to the brothers who assisted me in our four wheelchair pushes at the
Masonic home over the year. Your commitment is duly appreciated and
know that it will continue in the future. Our open installation will be
12/16 and hope to see as many brethren at this event. I wish all a
happy and safe Thanksgiving.