On this my final message as your Worshipful Master, I would like to first and foremost thank all the officers and brethren of Mozart Lodge who have made my year a memorable one. Ritual work continues to be and will continue to be, along with brotherhood the most relevant components of Freemasonry. Degrees are where we are able to show diverse ritual work and impress incoming brothers. To me it was what distinguished our fraternity from other entities. I have been fortunate to meet and develop friendships with many brothers and feel truly blessed. Moving forward I hope to develop many more and look forward to new challenges. Knowing the brethren of Mozart, they will continue to support the incoming Worshipful Master as well as the officers of the Lodge, both new and those who will be moving into ascending chairs. I wish them all success now and in the future. Once again, thank you all for making my year one that was memorable and pleasurable. Wish each of you a safe and joyous holiday season. Looking forward to seeing you in the Lodge.