Going into the final months of my tenure as Worshipful Master, I will be working on strengthening the Lodge to ensure that we have stability in the upcoming years. We have new brethren arriving in September and it will be our duty to guide and mentor them on their journey into Freemasonry. Also we will continue to work on ritual execution as well as the camaraderie between one another. Both of these entities are what makes Freemasonry unique as a fraternity as it is the oldest of it’s kind and truly does make good men better men. Financially we continue to be stable and will continue to pursue avenues which can increase our bank balance and secure future endeavors.

Reaching out to inactive brothers as to return them to Lodge functions is a goal now and should continue to be a goal. Personally inviting inactive brethren to any Lodge activity may induce them to return. One such activity is our annual hayride coming this fall which is always a huge success. Bringing brethren together with their families to such an event has a positive effect on all involved and adds cohesion toward Masonry.

Thanks to all who attended summer rehearsals and the July wheelchair push at the Masonic home. Hope everyone enjoyed their summer.