In this month’s message I would like discuss the proper procedures for entertaining an open house to potential new brethren. It’s purpose is to invite non masons and their families to view the inside of a Masonic Temple and receive information on Freemasonry. Proper planning is essential for a successful Open House. All active members should participate and bring one perspective candidate. Also all members who have not been attending regular communication meetings should receive an invite. Notices of the Open House need to be distributed throughout the community.

The activities of the Open House are as follows…

Beginning in the Collation Room an introduction to Freemasonry will be given by a Past Master or Warden of the Lodge. The message should contain a brief history of the craft explaining there are no secrets, except those of recognition and the manner in which degrees are conferred. Move to the outer door of the lodge and convey the initiation process, petition, investigation and balloting. Proceed in to the Lodge room and have Brothers in the East and West speaking on the emblems & symbols of the Lodge. Also discuss when and how your Lodge meets. Return to the Collation Room giving a short presentation on New Jersey Freemasonry’s charities such as Shrine hospitals and Lodge charities. Conclude the meeting with a Q&A session and refreshments. Have a Brother available to distribute applications and literature to all who are interested. As Lodge members, we are now allowed to solicited new potential members who you think are worthy of being a Mason. The “Ask One to Be One” motto is a thing of the past, so please introduce worthy gentlemen to our craft.

On Thursday June 21st, Mozart is holding its 2nd annual golf outing to support the Camden County Hero Scholarship Fund. Please come out and join us. Hope to see you all there, Thank you!.