Brethren I would like to discuss the history of our organization in relation to the Revolutionary War and George Washingtons role in Freemasonry. As we know Washington , Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Alexander Hamilton, and Samuel Adams; along with other revolutionaries used Masonic Lodges to discuss resistance against the British rule.

Washington became a Freemason in October 1752 , joining Fredericksburg Lodge #4 located in Virginia. He and many of the brethren of that Lodge served together in the Continental Army. In 1783 a Masonic Lodge was chartered in Alexandria, Virginia and Washington was afforded the distinct honor of being the First Master. Washington accepted the position and became Master of Alexandria Lodge #22. After the Revolutionary War , Washington stayed active in Freemasonry. During his first presidential inauguration he used the Bible of St. Johns Lodge # 1 while taking his oath of office. The oath was tendered by Robert Livingston, a well known Mason.

In 1805 , Alexandria Lodge was renamed Alexandria Washington Lodge #22 in honor of Washington . In 1909 the Lodge purchased land in Alexandria to create a memorial to Washington as a Mason. The memorial design was similar to the Lighthouse located in Alexandria, Egypt, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Alexandria Washington Lodge #22 conducts their meetings at the site, while still welcoming visitors.

Would like to thank all who participated in this years chili cookoff and congrats to Bro. Evan Vasilion on winning the competition. Traveling trophy will find its home at USS NJ #62 for the next year. Also thanks to all the officers of Mozart on a job well done at our Official Visit. Your dedication to the craft was evident in your ritual work. Just a reminder…Grand Lodge on April 912 & wheelchair push on April 15th.