My Brother,
If not, why? If you are new you might not realize that the biggest and best part of this fraternity is that you can travel anywhere in the world and find a brother. I know I didn’t realize what a great advantage this is until after several years of membership. Brothers tried to tell me but I just kept coming up with more and more excuses to stay home and watch the tube. Reruns, believe it or not. I was confused with so many names and places it was like looking for a tree in the forest. I just couldn’t find the time and besides why bother.

I did make a half-hearted attempt early on but couldn’t really see the point. I went to a lot of different lodges but never really made the connection. Then all of a sudden it clicked. I started going back to the lodges I first visited and made a new friend, then another and another. Pretty soon I knew people everywhere I went. Then more and more people. I started traveling to different jurisdictions.

Next, different states. Then German speaking lodges, musical lodges, lodges of research, appendant bodies. Fascinating people from just about everywhere. Each and every one of them with a story to tell.

Awesome! I have now begun setting goals. Crazy goals, like meeting every active Mason in the state of New Jersey. Expanding my range. Visiting lodges when I go on vacation. In Las Vegas, the brothers there put me onto the best and most cost effective (cheap) golf courses in town. You gotta go here or you gotta do this, everywhere I go. It’s beautiful. The internet can tell you where to go or how to get there or how many stars but our net beats there’s hands down. Besides, talking beats typing any day.

This month I will be traveling to the various lodges in our district to support our district and represent Mozart Lodge. I would encourage anyone interested to join me and see if you can’t discover for yourself the joys of meeting the officers and brethren of the lodges in this area. Also, on March 21st, I will be going up to the Allentown area to sit with, help if needed, and meet the brethren of Emmaus Lodge.