Once again I’m on the receiving end of another Masonic lesson. No, not humility. I can’t find words to properly describe how proud I am of the officers and brethren of Mozart Lodge. We may be one of the smallest lodges in the district, membership wise, but at our Official Visit of the District Deputy Grand Master we sure showed a lot of heart. The brotherhood, the fellowship and the warm welcomes are what make a lodge big. That’s what I’m beginning to realize is so important and brother, we got it. Let’s build on it. Extend your hand to a brother, I know plenty did that for me. Don’t count a brother’s mistakes, see if you can help. Live it and don’t worry so much about how you recite it. I know it’s easier said than done. I’m living proof of that.

Let’s take this spirit of fellowship with us as we travel throughout the district and when we turn out to support the brethren of Teutonia and Herman- Humbolt Lodges. That’s what will light the fire of enthusiasm in the hearts of our brethren. Let that spirit of togetherness be our light on the path to past glories for this great fraternity.