Sometimes it’s not just the candidates who come away with the lessons of the third degree.  I know that my perspective has changed for the better.
What are the lessons of this most sublime degree?  I know my most sincere thanks go out to all those brethren who stretched forth their hand to support their falling master.  Without the friendly council whispered in my ear I’m sure I wouldn’t be feeling the pride in my lodge that I feel right now.  Fortitude, that rectitude of character that, when things look darkest, when all seems lost and there is no hope, the brethren of Mozart Lodge continued to push ahead and snatch victory from what seemed like defeat.
To me, it is that dedication to the tenants of our fraternity that make a man a Mason.  Great ritual work is all well and good but to live for the principals of Freemasonry is what we should all strive to attain.
I would like to make special mention and thanks to all involved, especially the brethren who helped out as Craftsmen for those degrees.  It has been my dream to someday have enough of the brethren from Mozart Lodge to fill the parts of Craftsmen.  We have, for the last several years, struggled in that arena but thanks to you we have made a giant step towards realizing that dream.

Your friend,

Peter Buchert, WM