The Gavel club will meet Tuesday, April 24th, 7:30PM at W.J.M.C.

On the opposite page you will find a poem which was posted on the internet. I thought it would be great for the Trestle Board because, in many ways we can apply it to our lodge. We are all different in our own ways, but we are all united in the fact that we are brethren in the greatest fraternity in the world. Some of us like ritual, some of us like fellowship, some of us like just getting out of the house every first and third Tuesdays. Whatever the case may be, the Gavel Club may be for you, we have an informal roundtable discussion each month.

For the newly raised brethren, the Gavel Club is many thing to Mozart Lodge. Including but not limited to, the fund raising arm, Charity Drives, Scholarship Drives, at times the “Events Committee”, and generally “D. All of the Above”.

This month’s meeting will include old and new business with a focus on the Fishing Trip. I would also like to have some of our mentor’s or white apron brethren come out to assist some of the newly raised brethren with any questions they may have. If you are planning on attending and eating, please notify me.

Mike Ohr Jr. Gavel Club President