Dear Brethren,
Mozart Lodge has been fortunate to have raised a significant number of brethren to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason over the last several years. We have seen these men arrive at the same point by various paths; going through two one day classes in 2005, through degrees conferred at West Jersey Masonic Center, and being raised to the degree of Master Mason with the assistance of the Masonic Kilites of New Jersey. New Masons receiving the same lessons that have been taught since time immemorial. A number of years ago, in a publication called “The Maryland Master Mason”, the following was presented by an anonymous writer.
The Young Man Meditates
Masonry promised me nothing except opportunity for mental and spiritual growth and the opportunity to be serviceable to God and man.

I cam of my own free will and accord as all men in all ages have done. I was received as all others have been received in the ages past.

I learned that Masonry is interested in the character of man as a thinking, feeling being.

I learned that Masonry is not religion in the sense that we think of a faith community, but that it is a form of worship and the true ally of all religions. I found that one grows stronger in his own religion, whatever it may be, as the result of Masonry.

I learned that the real meaning of moral and spiritual teachings of charity, and that one’s integrity of mind and soul is his most precious possession. All that I learned before was enhanced by the manner in which Masonry teaches sublime lessons.

About me I see brothers, some young in Masonry, others who have been Masons for many years. Toward all I feel a bond of friendship and fellowship which is indescribable. To have the confidence of such a group of brothers, and to know that you are joined to them by immutable bonds, as you are to every Mason in the world, is indeed a priceless privilege.

All of this I have learned; and I learned as well, that to maintain and to perpetuate all that I have received, I must give back my best to Masonry and to society.

We who are here to teach, also have the responsibility to continue to learn. As our lodge prepares to bring candidates to the light by which Master Mason’s work, let us learn from these words, and welcome our new brethren into our fraternity and its fellowship.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
John F. Daugherty Jr, W.M