Greetings Brethren,
It is hard for me to believe that another month has passed by so quickly. In November, we will celebrate two major holidays, Thanksgiving and  Veterans Day.  Masonically, they are both important for somewhat similar reasons. Thanksgiving is a time to be with your friends, family, and brethren to reflect upon what you are thankful for, and to appreciate life in general.  Veterans Day is a time to remember those veterans who have served our nation at home and fought in wars abroad, enabling us to celebrate these cherished times with our friends and family.  I would, however, like to draw your attention to one veteran in particular, Brother George Washington.
The two Lodges most closely associated with George Washington were Fredericksburg Lodge at Fredericksburg, Virginia, his Mother Lodge and Alexandria-Washington Lodge at Alexandria, Virginia, where he was elected Charter Master under the Grand Lodge of Virginia. No precise date can be found when the Lodge at Fredericksburg was chartered. The date of its first meeting is usually ascribed to September 1, 1752, under a dispensation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of the Colony of Massachusetts. The Lodge was granted a charter on July 21, 1758 by the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Washington was initiated an Entered Apprentice on November 4, 1752, passed to Fellowcraft on March 3, 1753 and raised to Master Mason on August 4, 1753.
October was, again, a good month for Mozart Lodge. We had a great Entered Apprentice degree, rocked the 1st half of the Fellowcraft Degree at the District Lodge of Instruction,  and traveled around a bit. This month I hope to be sitting in lodge in Key West, Florida, the  “southern most lodge in the US”. As a result, I will not be in attendance at our regular communication, but your earnest attendance is requested to support our Senior Warden at the communication.  While we are busy filling up your calendar, I request that each and every one of you come out for the 18th District GLI on 11/23, and our Fellowcraft Degree on 11/30. 

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Michael F Ohr Jr. – Worshipful Master