Greetings Brethren,

As the very busy summer months come to a close, we must prepare ourselves as Masons for the work ahead.  This summer was a great time for me to reflect upon the first half of the Masonic year, the lessons I’ve learned as Worshipful Master, and of course the areas in which I hope to improve.  One of the most important tenets of our fraternity is to never stop learning, and by all means, never stop appreciating and being a free-thinking man.
So much has happened since our last regular communication, it’s difficult to convey how much has really happened.  In June, we were able to complete my goal of ending the first half of the year with a Table Lodge.  With the MWGM in attendance, and the room in Hawaiian shirts, we successfully held our “No Tie Table Lodge”. There were over 40 brethren enjoying themselves! Next, as a lodge, we had two fantastic trips to the Camden Riversharks game; sadly even with extra innings, the Riversharks could not pull out a win in the second game.  We had a total of 60 brethren and family members in attendance!
In July, our lodge picnic had over 60 brethren and guests present for a warm, but most enjoyable day. Just over a week later, we held a  wildly successful benefit for the Mertz family, I know that all of the hard work and charity put forth by everyone, especially Chairman Bro Keith Josepayt, is appreciated by the Mertz family, and the Lodge. 
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank RW Brother Constantin Chepurny for his service as our Director of Ritual. Through his hard work and dedication we have “raised the bar” of Mozart Lodge’s ritual work.. I look forward to the support he will bring to our lodge in the future.
Mind you brethren, with nearly two full classes of candidates, and a slew of social and charitable events, our work here is not done.  Our lodge will be very busy for the rest of this year. Put down the remote, pick up an apron, and join your brethren at Mozart Lodge.  

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Michael F Ohr Jr. – Worshipful Master