Greetings Brethren,

For those of you have attended lodge in the month of your Masonic birthday or at other times and places, I have presented you with my Master’s gift, a lapel pin. Until this time, I have not yet offered much of an explanation of this pin. Now is my opportunity to explain to you about the pin.

The background consists of red, white and blue stripes which are obviously representative of the flag of our country. Like our country, our lodge is made up of many individuals, who, when working together can accomplish great things. In the upper left had side, we have a nautical star. In Masonic symbolism, the blazing star can be used to help guide our way, help sailors find their way through the rough seas, and to remind us to look up when we are in need of assistance. In keeping with the German history of our lodge, on either side of the pin you will notice a small forget-me-not, which we should utilize to keep in mind the more than eighty thousand Master Masons of Germany and other nations who were put to death during the Second World War.

This month I would like to thank all of you who joined us at the Annual Communication of our Grand Lodge in Atlantic City On Wednesday evening, fifteen of us went out for a night of fellowship and had an enjoyable dinner. Throughout the span of the communication I saw many other members who came down for the sessions or fellowship who were unable to attend the dinner,but still enjoyed their time spent with their Brethren.

Our lodge continues to confer degrees, have activities, practice charity. Just as my Master’s gift is composed of different symbols to make one pin, so each of us have different ways to contribute to making our lodge a complete lodge. Consider your part.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Michael F Ohr Jr. – Worshipful Master