Live your Masonry, Have fun, Enjoy it.

Greetings Brethren,
I would like to have you ask yourself, have you been living your Masonry, having fun, and enjoying it? If so, congratulations! If not, why not? Since I started following that simple phrase, my life has changed for the better. Ever since being raised, I have met some great people, introduced new people to Masonry, and new pleasures have opened
to my view.

Do you proudly display a square & compass on your vehicle, or clothing? In the past, I have worn a Masonic shirt or pin and been recognized by brethren at cigar socials in other states. I met about a dozen Brothers’ at Hog’s Breath Saloon in Key West Florida. In addition to meeting existing brothers of the craft, what have you done to introduce a
prospective member of the fraternity to our teachings and principals? Our symbols have been in the news quite a bit recently. Someone may meet you, see how you conduct yourself in your daily life, and be prompted to ask the question or questions that may lead him on the path to make himself a better man, and this world a better

I would like to thank the members of the lodge who have been traveling with me, and supporting our Lodge. January was a busy month. In the first week, we had an entertaining program at our business meeting. The following week, fifteen members of Mozart Lodge successfully removed the 18th District Traveling Gavel from the clutches of Collingswood-Cloud Lodge #101. I’m sure we will lose it at our Official Visit, but it was  a great night of fellowship! Next was our first conferral of the Entered Apprentice degree of the year, on three candidates. On January 22, there were two full tables of Mozart members and spouses at the Scottish Rite dinner in Collingswood, and finally we had eleven visitors to the Masonic HOME to help the Brethren arrive at the Chapel Services.

While I began this message about wearing our emblems so that people know we are Freemasons, ultimately, it is what we say and do that will convince the world of the good effects of Masonry. Mozart Lodge is living Freemasonry day by day. Come live it with us.

Michael F Ohr Jr. – Worshipful Master