In the 3rd Degree we are informed that. “Freemasonry is a progressive science. As we advance in its mysteries, we find that a proper knowledge of it can be acquitted only with time, patience and application, and that our appreciation of it’s sublime principles will be in proportion to our fidelity in observing its precepts”. But did we really listen to what the Master was telling us, and did we understand his instruction?

How many of us actually apply what we are taught? Especially, when we leave our Lodge room and, “mix again with the world”. How many of us are patient enough to really listen and learn more about our craft? I’m afraid there are fe among us who could recall more than a couple of the “furthermore” paragraphs of the ceremonies through which we have passed. (Taken from the October 1998 Trestleboard written by WB Gary E

We still want and need Brethern to attend our lodge more regularly to fill the sidelines. The candidates would appreciate it even though they don’t know it at this time. I know this has been said before and we are still waiting for you to be here with us.

Roger D. Bohn Sr.
Worshipful Master