Dear Brethren,

Summer vacation is coming to an end. I hope everyone’s summer was a safe one and you and your family are doing well. Along with the start of the last half of the Masonic year I hope we will see some more old friends coming out or new friends to our youngest members.

Just being dark for the summer didn’t mean our lodge was inactive. We have had group events, like going to the Riversharks game, a fishing trip out of Ocean City, both were a good time. We also had rehearsals to get ready to open in advance stations when we meet again. There are more events planned for Mozart and other lodges which we have been invited to participate in. To all the members and officers who supported Mozart during the summer and to everyone who accepted petitions on behalf of Mozart Lodge thank you.

As one of our new petitioners reminded me our fraternity is not suppose to be used to advance oneself, but to make a good man better. These seem to be words that are now looked at as just words. They don’t seem to hold the same meaning anymore. Take a minute, reflect on what you have been taught in masonry and see if you are still living your life up to Masonic standards. Our for fathers or brothers had a good grasp on things, live up to the principles you have been taught.

I would like to thank Frank Dominiano for his relentless work he has done in catching our records up to date and to all the brethren who got caught up on paste dues. With the loss of so many brethren in our fraternity nonpayment of dues is not a good reason for losing even a couple of members. If you are having hard times contact either myself or our secretary and let us know your situation.

With Mike moving up to Worshipful Master we have an opening for someone to help with the dinners before the meetings, should anyone want to volunteer, please let Mike or myself know.

Roger D. Bohn Sr.
Worshipful Master