Consider that “indissoluble chain of sincere affection” said to link Masons together. How is it formed? Will it continue? How do we come to make such strong friendships in our own lodges, and why are we ready to offer friendship and extend our trust to one who can introduce himself as a Mason?

Our experiences of working together, using the opportunities for “the exercise of brotherly love,” is what holds our own lodges together. We welcome and trust the traveling mason not due to his certificate and a few tokens, but because they indicate a man who was accepted by another lodge that (presumably) shares our ideals, and who (again we assume) has had his own Masonic education: learning to act upon the square, circumscribe his desires, and all the other lessons in our school of harmony.

Yes, it would be better to be able to treat all people with such ready trust and regard, expecting that they all had benefited from such lessons. Perhaps that day will come: I choose to think that Freemasonry, by cultivating the habit and the desire, is one template and example bringing the day closer.

Wor. Gary L Dryfoos

Roger D. Bohn Sr.
Worshipful Master