Dear Brother,
Are you a source of light, or of darkness?
We create our own reality. What we expect from life is what we receive. If we expect and look for the trouble, disagreement, and negativity in situations that is what we are sure to find. If however, we expect and look for the good, cooperative, and positive outcomes in situations that is what we will experience.
Life cannot, and does not always go smoothly. We cannot appreciate the good times and the joys that life brings without the rough times and the sadness that must cross our path on occasion. It is our response to these times that defines who we are.
Brothers, I am guilty of being a source of darkness. That is, in seeing and focusing only on the problems in lodge that I perceive need to be corrected. And in being privy to, and a part of, the occasional personality conflicts that are destined to arise in any group.
Yes, there are problems in every lodge. Yes, we do not always agree with, or get along with each other. This has always been, and always will be. But we cannot be negative about these difficulties. Our negative thoughts are like cancer which spreads and weakens us, and those around us, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
It is easy to fall into the trap of negativity or darkness. But, with effort on our part, and the assistance of the G.A.O.T.U., we can instead choose to open our eyes to the light. My Brothers, that light is Brotherly love. Love is being positive and expecting the best life has to offer. Love is knowing that, although our human frailties will result in disagreement, where there is hope and understanding there can be the peace and harmony to work together towards a common goal.
So for the sake of the Fraternity and your well-being, I urge you to make the commitment to change your life, to become a source of Masonic Light that, like the Sun in the heavens, all the world can see.
By the Rev. Dr. James M. Floyd, Jr.
Roger D. Bohn Sr.
Worshipful Master