Two eye surgeons from Kenya will this week be carrying out operations on a total of 95 patients suffering from cataract and other eye-related problems.
Dr Fayaz Khan from the Lions Sight First Eye Hospital at Loresho in Nairobi, Kenya and Dr Ashok Shah MBS, a Freemason, will be working with a team of ophthalmologists from Victoria Hospital.

The visit of the two surgeons has been sponsored by the Freemasons of Seychelles and East Africa, as part of a growing collaboration between the Health ministry and the Freemasons.

Also part of this collaboration are the Lions International and its local branch, the Lions Paradise Club of Seychelles.

This is the third intensive operation session to be carried out in Seychelles by a team of foreign eye surgeons.

The first such session, dubbed an “eye-camp”, was in July 2004 when 55 patients benefited from cataract operations. In a second “eye camp” in September 2005, 79 more patients were operated on.

According to a communiqué from the Freemasons’ of Seychelles, the visiting eye surgeons are very impressed by the high standards of the staff of the Victoria Hospital Eye Clinic and Ophthalmology Unit and hope to continue their cooperation with further “eye camps” sponsored by the Freemasons of Seychelles and with the support of the Lions Paradise Club of Seychelles.

The communiqué also notes that during the third Freemasons’ “eye camp”, Dr Virendra Talwar MBS, the District Grand Master of the Freemasons of East Africa, will be in Seychelles and will be paying a courtesy call on the Minister for Health and senior officials of Victoria Hospital.  He will be accompanied by Dr Harish Rupani SS, an ENT specialist who have twice assisted the Ministry of Health with ear, nose and throat treatments thanks to efforts by the Freemasons of Seychelles.

At the same time the chief executive officer of the Nairobi Hospital, Dr Cleopa Mailu, will be in Seychelles to meet the Minister for Health to propose areas of collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the Nairobi Hospital in Kenya, says the communiqué.

As a result of the close collaboration that exists between the Ministry of Health and the Freemasons, two nurses from the Ophthalmology Unit at the Victoria Hospital, namely Elizabeth Hoareau and Monica Barrack, underwent a one-month training attachment recently with Dr Khan at the Lions Sight First Eye Hospital in Kenya, where they received valuable training and exposure, notes the communiqué, adding that their stay in Kenya was fully sponsored by the Freemasons’ of East Africa.

During the past four years Dr Thomas Bonnelame has also visited the Ophthalmology Centre at Lions’ Eye Hospital.
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