This message may or may not apply to you. I am definitely not singing to the choir, but rather trying to start a new one.

As of January 1, 1991 we enjoyed the fellowship of approximately 49,000 brother Masons. We have now slipped to, in the neighborhood of, 32,000 Masons state wide. If the rate of decline continues at the same pace and nothing changes, Freemasonry in the good old U.S. will cease to exist in the next century. What a tragic loss for mankind!

Why? I’ve heard all the excuses, two income families, television, to busy, etcetera. Hogwash. The real reason, it seems to me, is that we are failing to bring Freemasonry alive in the hearts of our members, especially our new members. People join for a variety of reasons, rarely the right reasons. Or for some reason unbeknownst to us, they may have become disenfranchised with our great fraternity. It is up to us to show the leadership, seize the moment, and turn the course so that this devastating loss will never occur.

If this situation might apply to you, I can help. I love our great Creator and I love my family very much, but I can honestly say, and if you know me you’ll have to agree, I truly love Freemasonry. Give me half a chance and I will stoke the embers of this wonderful and great fraternity, in your heart.