For the past seven months, the Past Masters of Mozart Lodge have been meeting regularly at the Gateway dinner to try and formulate some ideas on how to improve the lodge. In July we had a guest appearance by Brother Richard Sheeran who was only to pleased to share with us his suggestions on how to improve communications and generate interest in our lodge. As I am sure you can imagine, Dick’s thirty plus years of experiense in broadcast television were not only inspirational but extremely insightful. Lots of new ideas were generated by all present and I would like to present just one, to hopefully enlist your support.
Dick suggested we improve the content of our Trestleboard. Try and find, and print, stories with content that appeal to our membership and thereby stimulate interest. Personal stories would probably generate the most interest and would be a great place to start. Stories from the membership would be best since the brethren are probably tired of hearing from the same old people all the time.
Send us your story. Whether it be about lodge and how to improve it, your military service in the war, something unusual that happened to you while on vacation. Anything.
Send To: Peter Buchert, 1679 Miller Ave, Thorofare, N.J. 08086