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You are fraternally invited – November 2009

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Dear Brother,
You are fraternally invited to attend the following Communications of Mozart Lodge No. 121, F&AM, to be held at the West Jersey Masonic Center, Route 295 and Haddonfield-Berlin Road, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, 08003.

Regular Communication Tuesday November 3rd, 2009. Dinner will be at 6:30 PM, please call, email, or text Mike so […]

Pot Pie Order Form

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Not only are the Fisher’s Pot Pies, easy to make and delicious, they are a great fundraiser for our lodge.   Here is the most recentPot Pie Order Form for you to fill your freezer!

Feel free to contact Brother George Niessner w/ orders and questions!


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Congratulations to Brother Donald Wark Sr, you have been faithfully serving your HOME, our HOME for over 5,500 volunteer hours!

Washington Times – Masonic rituals live on

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Originally posted on the Washington Times – Masonic rituals live on by: Julia Duin, it is nice to see a positive article about Freemasonry for a chance.
President-elect Barack Obama’s swearing-in Tuesday will incorporate several elements out of America’s Masonic past.

One-third of the signers of the Constitution, many of the Bill of Rights signers and America’s first few presidents (except for Thomas Jefferson) were Freemasons, a fraternal organization that became public in early 18th-century England.

Although it became fabulously popular in America, at one time encompassing 10 percent of the population, Pope Clement XII condemned Freemasonry in 1738 as heretical. The latest pronouncement was issued in 1983 by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger – now Pope Benedict XVI – who called Masonic practices “irreconcilable” with Catholic doctrine.

Still, as the first president, George Washington had to come up with appropriate rituals for the new country. He borrowed many of them from Masonic rites he knew as “worshipful leader” of a lodge in Alexandria.

His Masonic gavel is on display at the Capitol Visitor Center. Until this inauguration, Washington’s Masonic Bible – on which he swore his obligations as a Freemason – was used for the presidential oath of office. President-elect Barack Obama will use Abraham Lincoln’s Bible.

The worshipful master administered the Masonic oaths. This was adapted to the president vowing to serve his country in an oath administered by the top justice of the Supreme Court. […]

Hello world!

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It appears that the site was accidently deleted by our former hosting company. Thankfully, we do have a lot of the posted articles from backup. I will be posting them asap.


Masons in the News

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Here are a few interesting articles from the past few days.  The first is taken from the Courier Post about the Masonic Home Carnival, the second is about the 17th District Chili cook off.

Masons chip away at secrecy to build ranks | Courier-Post:
Masons chip away at secrecy to build ranks
The Courier | Voice of […]

The Masons make a bid for NASCAR. – By Seth Stevenson – Slate Magazine

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The Masons make a bid for NASCAR. – By Seth Stevenson – Slate Magazine

A few weekends ago, I was strolling down my street in D.C. when I noticed something odd. No, not the massive Masonic temple adorned with a pair of stone sphinxes and an eerie ziggurat. (The temple’s certainly odd, but D.C. residents […]